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We Are Gladiola Adventure

Gladiola Adventures is a Tanzanian-based safari, car, and camp rental tour operator and holiday specialist, co-founded by Didas Kavishe, Atanas Dismas, and Elizabeth John. With years of accumulated experience in Tanzanian tourism, we lead an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team.

We established this tour company with the sole purpose of delivering the best service and value for money to discerning holidaymakers, self-drive enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. To achieve this, we have secured contracts and fostered cordial business relationships with numerous hotels and service providers in the region.

Our choice of the safari company name perfectly represents and reflects our services. Gladiola flowers, hardy and highly colorful, are indigenous to Africa – just like us! A well-planned safari with us promises to be a memorable adventure you will fondly remember for years to come.

Our Purpose

At Gladiola, our purpose is to offer specialized services, providing the very best, imaginative, and personalized safaris and holidays to Tanzania’s prime wildlife, nature reserves, mountainous, and coastal regions. Tanzania stands out as one of the most diverse and spectacular natural heritages on the African continent, characterized not only by its breathtaking landscapes but also by its friendly and hospitable people. As a peace-loving nation with a large percentage of its citizens involved in the hospitality trade, either directly or indirectly, Tanzania showcases a unique blend of natural wonders and warm hospitality.

As Tanzania makes strides in sustaining and protecting its natural heritage, new wildlife management areas open up to conservation development, fostering increased awareness about protecting these precious resources. Gladiola is dedicated to supporting these efforts by representing the very best of Tanzania and contributing to the growth of quality safari services.

Our commitment extends to providing a competitive and well-organized portfolio of imaginative and unique safaris. Moreover, our priorities lie in delivering personalized services, designing safaris tailored to your individual interests, needs, and budgets.

We emphasize service over numbers, catering to all group sizes, including families, school trips, honeymooners, and specialized groups with specific interests in flora & fauna, landscape, and culture. Our dedicated team also arranges excellent hiking adventures, including Kilimanjaro – the ‘Roof Top’ of Africa, as well as sun-soaked holidays on the paradise islands of Zanzibar, which also include Pemba & Mafia.

Whatever your requirements may be, our team members are always on hand to assist in creating your ultimate adventure in Africa. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

KARIBU TANZANIA – WELCOME TO TANZANIA… the friendly land of adventure and unspoiled Africa.

We are Gladiola Adventure

Gladiola Adventure is a full-service inbound tour operator. Its founders are tourism industry professionals with a wide knowledge of the East African region.

At Gladiola Adventure we offer:

Tanzania Self-drive Car Rentals

Tanzania Guided Safari Holidays

Kilimanjaro Climbing and Trekking

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