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Car Rental, Toyota Land Cruiser ( 6 pax)

For an addition of $40 / driver guide/ day (compulsory for this product ), you can now rent a Toyota Land cruiser for $170 and connect with the more care free version of yourself and give room for well-informed safari adventure in Tanzania from your driver guide. Rent a fully equipped Toyota Extended Land Cruiser (6 people) with a driver guide and camping gear option and take a guided safaris into some of Tanzania’s most safari prolific game reserves and wildernesses. This vehicle is suitable for up to 7 people with camping gear and a reasonable amount of luggage.

The additional US $ 40 does not pay your drivers’ entrance fee. This can be included on the given budget per itinerary with a driver/guide option. Clients are advice to make sure they make a proper time and distance estimations so as to avoid driving during the night ( after 6 pm).

You will receive the vehicle with fuel full tank on your fist day and return full tank on your last day of the trip at your drop off point.

The cost for the first day and last will depend on where you will be met that is;

  1. Kilimanjaro International Airport $60 per route
  2. Dar es Salaam (Mwalim Nyerere International Airport) $220 per route (cost includes the vehicle, driver and fuel)
  3. As to camping gears cost per person per day is $15
  • Table and chairs
  • Storage box
  • Folding foam mattress
  • Sleeping bag with pillows and bedsheets
  • Gas tank & burner, BBQ roaster
  • Cutting board
  • Dish towel, detergent, washing line & pegs
  • Headlights and solar table lamp
  • Cups, plates & bowls
  • Pots, frying pans, cutlery set with knife, can opener, cork screw
  • Coffee press

Note: For a rooftent option an extra of 5 USD per person/day will be charged.

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