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6 Days Machame route

6 Days Machame route

Embarking on the 6-day Machame route adventure begins with a pickup and transfer to your accommodation in Arusha. Upon arrival, your guides will be introduced, and they will assist in checking the trekking facilities you have. If there’s anything missing, you may choose to buy or hire it in Arusha, though it’s recommended to come prepared with all the necessary items for the trek. This preparation ensures a smooth start to the Machame route journey.


Day 1 of 6

Machame Gate to Machame Camp (1800m – 3000m)

Day 1 of the 6-day Machame route begins with a drive to the Machame trail (1800m). As you ascend, you’ll traverse the lush lower slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, appreciating the diverse flora and fauna of the rainforest. The hike leads to the first campsite, Machame Camp, positioned at 3000m above sea level. The journey takes approximately 5-7 hours, with a lunch break halfway to Machame Hut. Walking through the rainforest offers glimpses of monkeys, various birds, and colorful flowers, providing a scenic and immersive experience.

Day 2 of 6

Machame Camp to Shira Cave Campsite (3000m – 3800m)

Day 2 of the 6-day Machame route involves a shorter but steeper hike. With guidance from experienced guides, you’ll transition through the savannah, ascending through lower alpine moorland adorned with vibrant wildflowers, Giant Lobelia, and giant groundsel (senecio) plants. The route leads west across the Shira Plateau, offering direct views of Kibo, the ultimate goal of the trek, if the weather is clear.

Camping at Shira Cave Campsite (3840m), you’ll enjoy lunch at the campsite. After a brief rest, an additional hike to Shira Two Hut for acclimatization follows, providing opportunities to interact with trekkers from other routes like Lemosho and Shira. The view of Shira Peak and Shira Plateau enhances the experience. Return to Shira Cave Campsite for dinner and an overnight stay.


Day 3 of 6

Shira Cave Camp to Barranco Camp ( 3800m – 3950m)

On Day 3 of the 6-day Machame route, the journey turns east, and the ascent continues gradually through rocky and barren terrain. Taking it “pole pole” (slowly, slowly), you’ll ascend to the Lava Tower (4630m) for lunch, experiencing increasingly challenging landscapes. Following the rocky scree path, there’s a descent of over 600m for two hours into the Great Barranco Valley.

The descent offers breathtaking views and excellent photo opportunities of the Western Breach and Breach Wall. The benefits of acclimatization become apparent as you lose altitude, reaching the Barranco Camp at 3950m. The day’s hiking duration is approximately 7-8 hours.


Day 4 of 6

Barranco Camp 3950m / Karanga Camp 3950m (Barafu base camp for the 6 days climbers 4600m)

On Day 4 of the 6-day Machame route, the itinerary offers different options based on the number of days chosen by climbers. For those on a six-day trek, the day involves heading directly to Barafu Base Camp (4600m). Meanwhile, those on a seven-day trek tackle the Great Barranco Wall, an imposing face above the camp at 3950m.

A steady climb up the eastern wall takes you just below the Heim Glacier, providing awesome views of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru Peak. The trail continues down into the alpine desert of the Karanga Valley. For seven-day climbers, Karanga Hut is the stop for the night, while six-day climbers proceed directly to Barafu Base Camp.


Day 5 of 6

Day-5 Karanga Hut to Barafu Base Camp (3930m – 4600m)

On Day 5 of the 6-day Machame route, climbers will proceed from Karanga Hut to Barafu Base Camp, situated at an elevation of 4600m. The hike is relatively short, lasting around 3-4 hours, leading through an alpine desert with excellent views of Kibo and Mawenzi peaks.

After arriving at Barafu Base Camp, lunch will be served, and climbers will have some time to rest before the challenging midnight summit ascent. The trek to the summit starts around 12:00 midnight, aiming to reach Uhuru Peak (5895m) at around 7:30 in the morning, offering breathtaking views of the sunrise, Mount Meru, and the Northern ice field with the Crater.

Following the summit experience, climbers will descend to the base camp, have lunch, and take a short rest before continuing the descent to the last camp, either Millennium or Mweka Camp.


Day 6 of 6

Mweka Camp 3100m or Millennium Camp 3700m to Mweka Gate to Arusha

On the final day of the 6-day Machame route, climbers will descend from Mweka Camp (3100m) or Millennium Camp (3700m) to Mweka Gate. Enjoy the lush forest surroundings and higher oxygen levels as you complete this adventure. Upon reaching the Mweka gate, successful hikers will receive their summit certificates.

From the Mweka Gate, continue the descent into Mweka village for lunch, typically a muddy 1-hour hike. At the Mweka gate, meet the driver, receive certificates, and depart for Arusha. Upon arrival in the afternoon, you can relax or enjoy a well-deserved shower. The total hiking time is approximately 4-5 hours from Millennium Camp or 3 hours from Mweka Camp.

Finally, you will be transferred to the airport for departure.


Number of Pax 2-3 pax 4-6 pax 7-14 pax
Price Per Person $1,920 $1,770 $1,620
Ground transport for all the above days
Accommodation (two nights in Arusha Before and after the trekking) and all the night at Kilimanjaro
All park fees
Rescue fees
Guides, porters and cooks salaries
Three meals a day
All other items of a personal nature
Tips to your guide
Soft drinks other than the mineral water
Alcoholic beverages
Person mountain gears such as sleeping bags, Rain gears( see list below)


Below is the recommended packing list for a multi-day safari. Items numbered with a “+” can be adjusted upwards based on the number of safari days on your itinerary. Neutral colors are recommended to avoid attracting tsetse flies.

Technical Clothing
1 – Waterproof Jacket, breathable with hood
1 – Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell, for cold temperatures at night
1+ Long Sleeve Shirt, for protection from the sun
1+ Short Sleeve Shirt, light-weight, moisture-wicking fabric
1+ Hiking Pants
1 – Shorts (optional)
1 – Bathing suit (optional)
1 – Bathing suit (optional)
2+ Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric recommended
1 – Brimmed Hat, for sun protection
1 – Bandana, Buff or Dust Mask, for face coverage for dust and sweat (optional)
1 – Hiking Boots or Shoes
1 – Sandals or Flip-Flops (optional)
2+ Socks, wool or synthetic,
1 – Sunglasses
1 – Neck Pillow, for napping in the vehicle (optional)
1 – Daypack, small
Lip Balm
Insect Repellent, containing DEET
Face Mask (REQUIRED)
Hand Sanitizer (REQUIRED)
Snacks (optional)
Headlamp or Flashlight
Camera, with zoom lens of 300mm or more (optional)
Binoculars (optional)
Electrical Outlet Adapter
Trip Receipt
Visa (available at JRO)
Immunization Papers
Insurance Documents

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