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Tanzania Luxury Safari Holiday with Gladiola Adventure

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with Gladiola Adventure’s exclusive safari experiences. Our premium packages offer the shortest yet most rewarding safari adventures, carefully curated for bucket-listers seeking top-quality king-size bed lodgings in National Parks and cities. Picture yourself on a game drive aboard a luxurious private extended Land Cruiser, guided by the best-in-class local naturalist driver-guide – an experience that defines sophistication.


With over two decades of expertise, we’ve meticulously crafted and refined these luxury safari itineraries. Each offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can personalize and book today. Karibu – welcome to a world of unparalleled indulgence in the heart of the African wilderness.

Included on our Safari Quotes

Airport transfers, All transfers.

Hand-picked accommodations on tailored destinations

Tailored Quotes based on our personal favourates

Insurance inclusive packages

from $6,122 pp

Safaris To Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, And Lake Eyasi

9 Days | from $6,122 pp

from $3,836 pp

Safaris To Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro

6 Days| from $3,836 pp

from $6,071 pp

Safaris to Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Lake Eyasi.

7 Days | from $6,071 pp

from $3,928 pp

Safaris to Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro

7 Days| From $3,928 pp

from $3,172 pp

Safaris to Serengeti, Ngorongoro

5 Days | from $3,172 pp

from $3,836 pp

Safaris to Tarangire Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Eyasi

10 Days| from $7,114 pp

from $6,071 pp

Safaris to Tarangire Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara

8 Days | from $7,154 pp

from $7,401 pp

Safaris to Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire

11 Days | from $7,401 pp

Experience the epitome of safari luxury with Guided Tanzania Safaris by Gladiola Adventure. Marvel at the untamed beauty of Tanzania in the company of a local driver and guide, immersing yourself in the true essence of the region. Our private safari itineraries cater to every budget, ensuring a seamless adventure with arranged pick-ups, pre-booked accommodations, and tailored campsites.

Explore our curated safari packages, ranging from luxurious experiences to comfortable mid-range adventures, outdoor escapades, and photographic safari itineraries. The uniqueness lies in the exclusivity of our private safaris – a personal driver and guide accompany you throughout the journey. Enjoy a carefree safari holiday with a knowledgeable local and a seasoned naturalist. Your extraordinary adventure awaits!

Included on our Safari Quotes

Airport transfers, all transfers. In-house

For convenient and flexible guided safaris with Gladiola Adventure, all transfers on every quoted safari itinerary published on our website are inclusive, including airport transfers. However, for pick-ups and drop-offs outside Tanzania, we will need to requote your itinerary to cover the additional costs based on your location in Kenya. Rest assured, our 4×4 vehicles and driver guides will always be with you throughout the entire trip, from safari to and from the airport

Tailored itineraries based on our personal favorites.

Keen on witnessing the circle of life? Opt for the Calving Season (January and February).

During late January and February, it’s calving season, offering the opportunity to witness baby zebras and wildebeest. These months are relatively dry with occasional rain. The rainfall triggers the calving season for most herbivores, providing excellent chances to observe predator hunts. Picture the intense scenes unfolding between mothers, their calves, and hungry predators prowling the surrounding areas. If you want to witness such thrilling moments, book your safari with us this season. The abundance of vulnerable calves increases the frequency of predator kills.

To witness the raw intensity of the wild, consider the Calving Season (January and February).

During late January and February, the calving season unfolds, offering a unique opportunity to witness the birth of baby zebras and wildebeest. These months mark the drier season with occasional rain, triggering the calving season for most herbivores. This presents incredible chances to observe predator hunts—a captivating spectacle of action between mothers, their calves, and hungry predators prowling the surrounding areas.

If you’re eager to witness these thrilling moments, book your safari with us this season. The abundance of vulnerable calves increases the frequency of predator kills, providing a remarkable and immersive wildlife experience.


Considering a budget-friendly adventure? Embrace the Wet Season (March to May – low season).

As the long rains breathe life back into the dry bush, transforming it into a lush haven of greenery, the wet season offers a unique experience at a lower cost. Game parks are less crowded during this period, especially in the northern circuit, although some lodges in the southern and western circuits may temporarily close. This presents an opportunity for travelers to benefit from discounted rates at the lodges that remain open.

For nature enthusiasts, the wet season is a haven for bird watchers, providing a chance to observe numerous rare bird species. It’s important to note, however, that the increased rainfall also brings a surge in malarial mosquitoes. If you choose to embark on your safari during this season, ensure you seek the right advice regarding anti-malarial medications for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Seeking the finest weather? Opt for the Dry Season (June to October – High season).

This period, spanning from June to October, promises optimal conditions for an unforgettable safari experience. Here’s why:

– June and July stand out as the prime months to witness the majestic wildebeest migration.
– August to September is the opportune time to observe the spectacular wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti.

Key advantages of the Dry Season include:

– Animals are easily spotted as they congregate around waterholes and rivers.
– The lower mosquito presence due to minimal rainfall enhances your comfort.
– Clear skies and abundant sunshine characterize most days.
– Mornings and nights can get chilly, so packing warm clothing is advisable.

For those in pursuit of the best weather and remarkable wildlife spectacles, the Dry Season is an ideal choice.

Exploring during the Shoulder Season (November and December) can offer a unique and tranquil safari experience.

November to March is referred to as the green (or shoulder) season in Tanzania. While it may not be the absolute best time to visit, it presents excellent opportunities for exploration with fewer visitors. During this time, the migrating herds return to Tanzania, and calving begins in southeast Serengeti in January.

Key aspects of the Shoulder Season include:

– A quieter atmosphere compared to peak season.
– Fantastic safari opportunities.
– Potential for lower prices, making it an appealing option for budget-conscious travelers.
– The festive period from mid-December to mid-January tends to be busy and pricey, so booking in advance is advisable.

The Great Migration’s route during this season is as follows:

– December to March: Ndutu, Southern Serengeti
– April to May: Grumeti, Western Serengeti
– June to July: Seronera, Central Serengeti
– July to September/October: Lobo/Kogatende, Northern Serengeti

For those seeking a more serene safari experience with the chance to witness the Great Migration, the Shoulder Season can be a favorable choice.

Hand-pick accommodations on tailored destinations.

Discover the essence of Tanzanian luxury with Gladiola Adventure’s Guided Tanzania Safaris. We carefully curate accommodations in bespoke destinations, granting you an exclusive pass to authentic Tanzanian experiences.

Navigating 22 National Parks and four travel seasons might seem daunting, but our 20 years of expertise make it effortless. Having firsthand experience in every nook of East Africa, Gladiola Adventure Tanzania tailors safari packages to suit every preference. Whether you fancy full luxury, comfortable mid-range adventures, or outdoor experiences like basic camping safaris and photographic safaris, we’ve got you covered.

What sets us apart is the exclusivity of our private safaris. A dedicated personal driver-guide accompanies you throughout the journey – a knowledgeable local and a seasoned naturalist. Embark on a carefree and unforgettable Tanzanian safari holiday with Gladiola Adventure.


To prioritize your safety, all Gladiola Adventure’s Safari packages featured on this website include Maisha short-term cover insurance from AMREF Flying Doctors. This insurance ensures quality and affordable air ambulance evacuation services across the East African region, catering to individuals and small groups engaged in holiday, business, conferences, sports, and other adventure activities.

While we provide this coverage, it is essential for guests to acknowledge that they bear the responsibility to carry the correct comprehensive travel insurance. This insurance should encompass various scenarios, including but not limited to:

– Cancellation or curtailment of the safari
– Repatriation expenses
– Damage, theft, or loss of personal baggage, money, and goods

For a comprehensive understanding of the coverage, please refer to our terms and conditions available here. Your safety is our priority, and we want to ensure you have a worry-free and enjoyable experience throughout your trip to Tanzania.

We’re here for you 24/7!

When planning your safari holiday in Tanzania, lean on the expertise of our dedicated safari specialists at Gladiola Adventure Ltd. Our team is always ready to provide valuable insights, answer your queries, and tailor your safari experience to surpass your expectations. Your adventure awaits – connect with us anytime for a seamless and unforgettable journey through the heart of East Africa.

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