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Private Tanzania Safari Holiday Packages

Explore a tailored Tanzanian adventure with Gladiola Adventure’s private holiday packages. From luxurious experiences to mid-range adventures, basic camping safaris, and photographic safari packages, we cater to diverse preferences. The key feature is the exclusivity of private safaris, ensuring a dedicated driver-guide accompanies you throughout – a knowledgeable local and a seasoned naturalist. Immerse yourself in a carefree and unforgettable safari holiday with Gladiola Adventure.


Tanzania Safari Packages This Holiday Season

Luxury Quoted Safari Packages

Indulge in the epitome of safari luxury with Gladiola Adventure’s Quoted Safari Packages. Offering short yet immensely rewarding experiences, these packages cater to bucket-list travelers seeking top-quality accommodations, king-size beds in National Parks and cities, and the luxury of game driving in a private 4×4 Land Cruiser accompanied by an expert local naturalist driver-guide. Immerse yourself in the classiness of 4-5 star lodgings and tented camps, curated with over 20 years of expertise, promising a once-in-a-lifetime safari tailored to your preferences. Book your exclusive safari experience today.


Semi-luxury Quoted Safari Packages

Explore an exciting journey with Gladiola Adventure through our Semi-Luxury Quoted Safari Packages. Ideal for those seeking a perfect blend of comfort and adventure, these packages offer thrilling safari experiences with common yet comfortable lodgings, as showcased in the provided pictures.


Regarded as the sweet spot by many, our mid-range quoted safaris strike a perfect balance. Opt for these packages to save on luxury accommodations and allocate more budget for additional days in the wild. Whether relishing an expensive sunset wine in the Serengeti or making a generous donation to a hungry tummy, our semi-luxury quoted packages provide a fair and budget-friendly way to travel. Immerse yourself in the wild without compromising comfort.

Basic Camping Safari

Experience the essence of African nature with Gladiola Adventure’s Basic Camping Safari. Imagine falling asleep in a sleeping bag under the African skies, with the distant roars of lions and hyenas echoing in the background, creating an authentic and unforgettable adventure.


Indulge in the breathtaking experience of having dinner under the vast African skies, surrounded by the sounds of the wild – a lion’s distant roar, a hyena’s giggle, baboons barking, or zebras and impalas galloping past. Picture yourself by the campfire, exchanging inspiring bush stories, while nature’s orchestra plays in the background. It’s an indescribable and immersive encounter with the wild.

Marvel at the wild beauty of Tanzania with a local touch, just like a local! Our Guided Tanzania Safaris offer the most rewarding experience for all our visitors. Regardless of your budget, envision a hassle-free safari with arranged pick-ups and drop-offs, pre-booked accommodations, and campsites tailored to your preferences. This ensures a level of comfort and luxury that’s hard to achieve on your own. At Gladiola Adventure, we prioritize your needs, providing curated private safari packages for all budgets. Our offerings include full luxury, comfortable mid-range adventures, and outdoor experiences like basic camping safaris and photographic safari packages. The best part? All safaris are private, ensuring you have a personal driver-guide throughout the entire trip – a well-informed local and a naturalist. It’s the perfect recipe for a carefree and unforgettable safari holiday!

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